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Flip Books / Flick Books / Pic Flips

Flip Books are an exciting new activity. Guests get to dance for 10 seconds in front of a white backdrop and then watch as their video is broken down into 40 still images that are printed which you can then FLIP through to see their motions in action, like how old cartoons were originally made.

They can grab one of many props and signs to have fun with. They can do slow motion moves like pretend fighting. We've even seen 25 people do a conga line through the booth. 

Our Packages include a Custom Designed Cover, PROPS and an Online Gallery of Gif via SmugMug 

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Congrats J&K! #videobooth by @ScottRothEvents .... A little behind the scenes with #kimberlymufferiphotography and my trusty #sidekick @canne2714 #myassitantROCKS #lovewhatyoudo #mycouplesareawesome #thankyou #photographerlife #photographer

Posted by Kimberly Mufferi Photography on Saturday, October 18, 2014

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