We provide traditional Arcade Models, closed Wedding Models (that fit up to 10 people) and our Open Model Kiosks (great with Step and Repeats/ Red Carpet)

Whether you want a Green Screen Photo Booth with strips of 4 photos in different backgrounds or 5x7 custom Magazine photos, we have what you are looking for. 

Choose from a basic package with 1 or 2 frame options for guests (great for Weddings and Corporat Parties) or let your guests choose from a wide selection available (great for Mitzvahs and Sw 16's). Fun Frames, Keychains, Magnets, Fabric Frames, Snowglobes and more 

Red Carpet / Step & Repeat

Great for Corporate Functions, give your event the Red Carpet treatment with a custom made Step & Repeat, Stanchions, Rope and on-site Photo Prints.

Guests get to dance for 10 seconds and watch their video get made into a 40 page Flip Book animation 

Instagram Printing

Guests are already sharing moments of your event via Instagram and NOW they can leave with a print of their photo as well......and you can get one too 

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